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Protecting Epacris virgata at Tolosa

Tuesday 7 Oct 08

Showers meant we needed coats on for the initial task of checking previously worked areas for seedlings of Erica and Radiata pine and happily very few were found, although a few re-sprouting Erica were located. With improving weather we moved onto two pockets of Erica close to the creek and cleared both. The southerly site had very few Epacris virgata bushes, but the other had quite a number and they were all growing in very close proximity to the invading Spanish Heath making it slow work picking the correct trunk to cut.

The Epacris was in flower but many of them appeared to be suffering from the spate of dry years. The best specimens were close to the creek and a patch of quite large bushes was discovered a short distance up the slope on the northern side of the creek.

Some patches of Erica remain for primary work at a future date. One small Holly bush was discovered in the creek plus Elishas Tears , small pullable radiata pines and a couple of larger pines that will need trunk injections.

Other photos from the day can be viewed at http://peterjf.jalbum.net/wellington/

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The Epacris we are keeping the Erica away from  Epacris virgata


Follow up on Erica at Goat Hills

Tuesday 3 Jun 08

Although it was clear enough at the car park during the climb to Goat Hills we gradually got into fog that thickened as height was gained. Nevertheless most of the time it remained reasonably dry, with just an occasional light drizzle effect.

Four areas were checked over (see map below for each section):

Section A near Montrose Fire Trail W7 which had primary control several years before and was found to have just a few pockets of either seedlings or spots previously overlooked.

Section B upper side of Goat Fire Trail W28 was checked for Broom seedlings and scoured for Erica. One location had a number of Erica reshooting from previous work and had to recut and painted with herbicide. The primary work was done in 2004 and 2005.

Section C also on upper side of Goat Fire Trail where the follow up on small patch of Erica revealed no reshooting and a small number of seedlings but only close to the edge of the fire trail. The primary work was in 2005.

Section D in the central region between Goat and Chapel Fire trails where seedlings had previously been noted as prolific following a burn off in 2003/4. The section was originally treated in 2003 prior to the burn and this was the third follow up at this spot (previously Dec 2006 and June 2007) and there was insufficient time to clear all with still others left untouched further down slope. In general about 90% were able to pulled out with only 10%

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Some photos from the working bee are at http://peterjf.myjalbum.net/wellington/

Inglewood Gorse Removal

Removal of Gorse Inglewood Site on Tuesday 6 May 08

A large patch of Gorse was removed that was growing well inside the bush off the Inglewood Fire Trail. Four people from Conservation Volunteers Australia assisted in the work and were taken on a walk along the new multi-purpose Track during the afternoon.

If you are interested in helping or for more information go to http://wellingtonpbg.googlepages.com/home

Photos from working bee – click image for larger size  (I have also now added a photo album elsewhere because it is easier to do than here – click this link to view)

CVA Team


Upper Site Before work

Upper site after work



Group amongst the Gorse

CVA team checking details with John

Middle area after work