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An Early Finish


Glen Dhu
Tuesday 1 May 2018
Only one vehicle was available to transport gear and people to the start of the old Glen Dhu firetrail near Collins Cap, but plenty were willing to walk there which meant we had a crew of eight plus Joss from Parks & Wildlife Service. The weather was splendid and remained sunny and clam all the time we were there and was quite mild for the time of year.
Once we were all together, Adrian and Greg went with the hedge trimmers to clear part of the Collins Cap walking track below the firetrail.  The result was very good and impressive and even more got done that I was expecting. They also managed to find a known Erica at a nearby waterhole. While this was going on the rest of us headed down the Glen Dhu for the weeds.

At the junction about to leave for work  Adrian, Greg Joss, James, Mike, Lisa & Chris
The first weed site right underneath Collins Cap, which was originally cleared in 2002 was checked and no new gorse plants found.  This site was the first action for what became the Friends of Wellington Park and was assisted by Jean Taylor and John Hamilton. It has been clear of woody weeds since 2004 and can be considered as most successful.
A site some 800 metres further down which was also cleared in 2003 of Gorse and a few Erica was also found to be clear and again has been since 2004. This area and those below were badly burnt in the wildfire of February 2013. The previous check on the lower sites was in 2010 and only a few plants were found at two known sites. It is surmised that the fire gave rise to some of the plants located this time. One site had a substantial number of Erica up to 20 cm tall and took 7 of us 50 minutes to clear. The final spot had the most plants although they were more concentrated and generally much smaller in size. It has always been the most difficult location to clear and keep on top off, and it took us 55 minutes to clear.
Site before Erica cleared
Site with thick patch of small plants after most cleared
Lunch was called just as Adrian and Greg re-joined us which made a break in the 45 minute climb back to the vehicle. Four of the group, Lisa, Bronwyn, Chris and Peter, then made the downhill trip to the cars, whilst Mike, Adrian, Greg and James enjoyed the ride down the firetrail with Joss at the wheel.
It was an early finish and a delightful day to out in the bush.



Unexpectedly Thick

Goat Hills
Tuesday 10 April 2018
Back in October 2017 we started checking a site in Goat Hills and found some mature Erica here and there. There was not enough time to check and clear the whole site and the Friends of Wellington Park returned on this very pleasant April day. All seemed to follow the previous script, but then there was a yell, “there is a lot here” and our plans were suddenly altered.


It meant our effort remained concentrated in the area and quite a lot of this invading weed was removed.  More is still there and will get attention in a few months’ time. our arbitrary boundary is as far as the power line easement and Beyond that is considered to Tasnetworks responsibly. Both the Friends of Wellington Park and Glenorchy Council will be seeking action from the power company.
Mike and Greg busy cutting down Erica


Ted far left and Joyce on right  Site A


Site A after Erica cut out


One More Effort


Tuesday 6 March 2018

What Gorse that remains in the bush on the southern edge of Inglewood Fire Trail should easily be cleared up with one more session. An impressive volume was cut down at our latest event and all up it has been a splendid effort of 15 sessions over 7 years for the 500 metre long strip of land.

Special moring tea from COH Bushcare


Ted at work


Area recently cleared


The chicken moving about looking for morsels during our lunch break


From the beginning we were joined by a a most strange looking breed of chicken, which stayed with us all the time and even attempted to nab our strawberries.   These strawberries were all part of a delightful morning tea provided to the group by the City of Hobart Bushcare.
An inspection of the previous worked areas revealed only an occasional missed plant and the opposite side worked between 2007 and 2011 also was free of new plants, except for small quantities of  Erica just inside the boundary.


The bush on northern side where gorse was removed in 2009





Mount Connection

Tuesday 7 November 2017

There was 600 metres of quite dense vegetation reclaiming the Mount Connection Track. One of the dominant plants was Bauera, typically with masses of wiry branches that  make it slow work to clear. However, since we acquired hedge trimmers the difference in what can be achieved on a day is amazing. One of these trimmers, together with safety gear, was purchased from a Wildcare grant.
Nevertheless, using the trimmers is hot and tiring work and we shared the load; albeit somewhat unevenly. The rest of the crew concentrated on the  bigger bushes and trees, plus the tidying up.
The track now looks great and it is now most pleasant to walk along.  Some tuning  remains as well as a short untouched section.
Track before

Track after work


Adrian using a hedge trimmer


Greg trimming


A photo album is online or click image below
Ben on the track


Goat Hills October 2017

Nice Weather, Nice Country

Tuesday 3 October 2017
After some
indifferent weather over recent times it was so pleasant in Goat Hills today;
in fact, it wasn’t long before warm tops were being shed.  A patch of Erica that we previously ran out of
time to clear, remained to be removed. Once completed we moved over to a dry north
facing slope that had not previously been inspected.  Old Erica at various locations was found and
cut down and treated with herbicide. More remains to done and the range to be
checked expanded.  
Whist there
Adrian found signs of an old building with daffodils and a clump of Agapanthus. 


morning break, Rob Whittle from Glenorchy council told us about bushfire mitigation
plans and fire management for the various plant communities in the region. The
pack of chocolate coated biscuits that he brought along was also appreciated, and
we kept him talking until the packet was finished.

Site prior to work

Site after removing weeds 


Old building site



Close to the end

Tuesday 1 August 2017
What a delightful sunny winter day for being outdoors. Even though the work was under trees it was still pleasant.

Waiting for the call to return to work.  Greg K, Greg B, Nick, Gill, Michelle, Brian, Margaret (part hidden)  and Hillary
Site after work, note all the cut Gorse on the ground
Quite big inroads into the remaining Gorse on the south side of the Inglewood Fire Trail was made, leaving just one more session to reach the end. Work started in November 2012 for the 500 metre long site with the depth varying from 5 to 20 or more metres. The area covered is estimated to be 11,000 square metres.

Making inroads into the Gorse – view east


Morning coffee break,   Gill, Michelle, Brian, Margaret  and Hillary


Greg at work on cutting Gorse

More Photos at this link

To view the history of the various activities at this site click on this link


Fortune Returns

New Town

Tuesday 4 July 2017
At one stage we had a run of good fortune with bad weather only arriving after our work had finished and we back at the cars.  Today this luck returned and rain only started an hour afterwards.  The morning had been sunny followed later by a bit of cloud making for quitter pleasant conditions for working.
Rob, Peter and Greg on Erica patch  Photo from Michelle
As sometimes happens, what was thought to be a short job turned out to be much bigger.  The
cause was discovering a patch of Spanish heath, in fact a nursery of the nasty stuff.  It took a while but eventually the whole of the site was cleared. It was also noticed that some bushes seemed to have been browsed prior to the current year growth.
The area was previously cleared in July 2015.