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Natural Vegetation Growth

Devils Throne Track

Tuesday 6 February 2018
The hoped-for approval for a planned track reroute had not managed to get through the relevant local councils, so plan B was adopted.  A short section of pruning refinement and a section of rocks was made easier to cross on the new Devils Throne section of track, but most of our effort was put into clearing the exuberant growth of native vegetation further along the track. At some spots we had to stop and locate the path of the track hidden, particularly by Orites revolutus which seems to thrive up on the mountain.
View from proposed route to Collins Bonnet and Mount Connection


Short boulder crossing on reroute made easier to walk on.


At the previous event In January 150m had been cleared and on this occasion a further 400m was cleared. Some 640m remain to be done.
The track is often hidden by thick Orites


The track after clearing



Finer Than Expected

Thark Ridge

Tuesday 9 January 2018
Uncertainty about the weather made the decision to go ahead with the work difficult. If made according to the forecast then it would have been cancelled, especially given that the work was in an alpine environment. However, there have been several occasions where the day turned out nicer than expected, so a decision was left until the morning of the event. It was a bright sunny morning and any showers at least a couple of hours off. In fact, it was only just before getting back to the cars that a few light spots started.

The first half of the Thark Ridge track between Big Bend and the Thark saddle was given a trim and some known damp spots hardened with rock. The initial sections were cleared in 2012 and this was the first follow up.  The other task was to replace track markers that had been broken by someone for a reason only known to themselves, but to us it seemed plain destructive vandalism.

Large rock placed in a known wet spot on the track


John pruning the yellowbush




Devils Throne Reroute

Tuesday 20 June 2017
We had the day reserved for another task, but it got done the previous week, which left a free day to do a bit of refinement to the Devils Throne reroute. On the way both there and back we walked on the proposed route from Thark Ridge to the reroute start that avoids the unpleasant boulder field on the existing track.  The three of us concurred that is what a much better option. It took about 30 minutes, but if it was made into a track the time would be not be dissimilar to the existing track. More information on the proposed route is online.

Some additional trimming of low scrub was done and a considerable amount of rock work, both manoeuvring rocks to make passage easier and adding some to the softer bits of the new track. One short scree remains to be done and a short wet area where water drains off the moorland. 

A web site holds details on the Devils Throne site and the work that has gone on
Close view of the rock work performed by Greg


Devils Throne Reroute

Friday 2 June 2017
There had been enough days of milder weather to melt the snow from earlier in the week and it was decent enough day, with some sun. This was the fourth day at creating a new track to avoid the wet plain on the way to Devils Throne in Wellington Park. All the final 200 metres, left to be cleared at this event, was over solid rocky ground and included large flat rock making for easy
passage for walkers.
We were able to complete the task and also move a considerable number of nearby rocks into gaps.  The rocks make it both easier for walking and help define the route.
Greg and Adrian at the junction, the new track leads off behind them


Bruce and Nick lunching, Greg in foreground.
the four days we have created a new route of 800 metres; which is quite a feat. The old wet and degraded crossing was 520 metres, but as the new route is more direct, some 175 metres of track became redundant. When this added in, the old track totalled roughly 700 metres making it not that dissimilar in distance to the new way; but of course, it is now ever so much more pleasant for walking.
New track through a thick section of vegetation
Route before  work


Same site as above after clearing
On the way  to and from the site it was most noticeable that the old track from Thark Ridge down was like a creek with water running rapidly.
Over the last 5 years the Wellington Park Bushcare Group has created   over 2 kilometres of completely new tracks in the park, replacing braided and degraded tracks.  This figure does not include existing tracks that have been cleared of overgrowing vegetation.

Thark Ridge

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Some of the workers at Thark RidgeAlthough we have done quite a number of track work sessions with PWS this is  probably the first time that our normal working bee has been used for that purpose.  One of our biggest turnouts resulted, so track work was not  an unpopular change.
Three PWS staff  worked with us  in clearing the 90 metres of new track to bypass a boggy section. In addition the old track still to be used was trimmed.  A few short sections had some rock hardening and where it went over some rocky spots some work was done to make crossing easier .
Poles were installed to mark the track and also some in other locations where confusion could arise.  Pointing markers will be added shortly.
A very satisfying days work and the new track looks good.


Bush  ar track reroute  before work at Site A Thark RidgeTrack through the bush  for reroute  after work at Site A Thark Ridge

Site A  – Before and after the work of the track reroute at Thark Ridge

Bush  ar track reroute  before work at Site B Thark RidgeTrack through the bush  for reroute  after work at Site B Thark Ridge

Site B – Before and after the work of the track reroute at Thark Ridge

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Thark Ridge Jan 2015

Thark Ridge January 2014


14 January 2014

Four activities were carried out on this warm day.  Overgrowing vegetation was trimmed both before and after the second stage reroute section, rocks were used to harden a wet area immediately west of the same section, markers were placed on the remaining unmarked poles leading to the Thark saddle and an investigation was done to see if it was viable to reroute the track at the final wet area.

It was found, as suspected, that a reroute would cross hard ground.  The work would be relatively easy, with several parts going over already fairly clear terrain.  The suggested reroute is 80 metres long.  It cuts out a 60 metre boggy section and the join is 40 metres up track from the existing bend.  In fact the rerouted track would be 40 metres shorter than the existing one.

The section for reroute is quite wet and boggy for extended parts of the year, although at the date checked it was about as good as it gets.

More vegetation clearing is needed and one small section has a furrow that will need rocks to assist in halting the decline of the track.



Adrian and Greg at the track where they have been clearing the vegetation.

Adrian and Greg at the section of track that was cleared.

Greg at rock work section

Greg at the section that was hardened

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Thark January 2014

Thark Ridge

10 September 2013

The two ends of the reroute were cut and poles with markers installed.  Slash cut from the new track was placed over the old track, so walkers will now be directed on to the new section.   It runs for 370 metres and avoids a very boggy section of track.

Some rock work was done to harden a few sections of the reroute and also rock was placed in the existing track where it joins to the southern new southern section.


Thark Ridge September 2013


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