About The Group

The aim of the Friends of Wellington Park is to maintain and enhance the native flora and fauna of the major natural icon of Hobart, Wellington Park and to educate Park users of the high biodiversity values and ways to protect them. The major focus is to endeavour to halt spread of weed species and eradicate where possible.
The group provides opportunity for volunteers to repair environmental damage stemming from weeds and gain a sense of achievement and involvement in a project that has long term environmental and community benefit.
Quite a number of the people involved have a bushwalking background and a deep interest in preserving our local mountain park.
The group works in a variety of locations in the park, mostly getting rid of Erica, Gorse and Broom.
Wellington Park is a highly significant 18 400 ha public reserve that contains over 30 threatened plant and animal species.  It is only 5km from the centre of Hobart and Glenorchy and is a prime recreational and tourist site.
Its management is coordinated by the Wellington Park Management Trust and is undertaken by City of Hobart and Glenorchy City Councils, the Parks and Wildlife Service, TasWater and the community.  It is a reserve highly valued and utilised by the whole population of the region and one the community plays an active part in looking after.

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2 thoughts on “About The Group”

  1. G’day, I volunteer with Friends of Escarpment Parks, Toowoomba, Qld and from what I have seen on your website, we do “it like you”. But we are running down in numbers and are thinking how to “rebuild”, of course we will have to cajole the council into this.
    Lantana and privet (broard leaf) are our main weeds and we have developed some methods / tools for erradicating them.
    I am now in the process of “doing a Landcare Place Story” on our work which I’ll send you if you care?
    Euan (Ian) McLean

    1. Hello Euan
      Good to hear from you. We have good relations with the local council, but most volunteers have come from our members spreading the word. I keep members informed by regular email newsletters.

      Yes would be interested to get a copy of your Landcare story. Send it to peterjfranklin@gmail.com

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