Collins Bonnet Track – Getting Close

Tuesday 17 November

Before today there was 290 metres of track remaining to clear and we went very close to finishing. In this section high up the slope there were parts with thick Bauera which the petrol hedge trimmer that Peter from PWS brought along was very effective in clearing back from the track. The section below this of a variety of bushes was tackled with loppers and saws. Between the two sections is a mere 40 metres of scrub that will have to wait for another day. The length track cleared by each method was almost exactly equal distance of 130 metres each.

That done with the trimmer still requires vegetation cutting back where it is close to rocks or the ground, so will need work but of a much more minor nature.

Site before clearing

Before clearing above and after below

Site after clearing


Hard at work, Scott, Greg  and Brian

Hard at work


And below photos of the newly cleared track

Cleared Track

Cleared Track


Halting the Spread – Erica Kalang Site

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Starting the Kalang site work  Alson, Kate  and Kevin

Two years ago we started work in an area close to the boundary of Wellington Park that was infested with a huge field of Erica. It was in a valley off Kalang Avenue where part of a hillside that had once been cleared, perhaps for small fruit farming. It was also somewhat unusual in that the land is owned by the City of Hobart but the land is within the boundary of Glenorchy Council.

Our task was to remove the weeds at the bush edge and within so that they were kept from entering the park. Fortunately, the Hobart council have now cleared and sprayed the bulk infestation; something that is very pleasing to our group.

On this our fifth foray there we finished off a patch of Erica growing under a dense copse of what may be Leptomeria then checked over the area that we initially worked on. Not a lot of new plants were found in this latter area and we were able to scout well into the bush and found where a few plants had managed to penetrate.

This patch of shrubs had Erica under and between bushes that had to be removed.  Rob is on knees in photo.

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