Collins Bonnet Track – Less Scrub Now

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Getting to Collins Bonnet from Myrtle Forest has been a scrubby affair for a number of years, but it has suddenly become a much clearer track.  Along with Parks staff, the Wellington Park Bushcare Group  cut back the heavy overgrowth for quite a length of the track.

Greg about to tackle the next section
It was a pleasant temperature and a fine day. After walking to the junction of the Collins Cap and Collins Bonnet tracks we did some light pruning to the creek crossing 170 metres up the track where the more significant work began. From there a further 420 metres was cut back. A further 540 metres remains to the old hut site.

We were surprised to find that someone had quite recently done quite a bit of work trimming the vegetation, but it was just long tip pruning so unfortunately, for those who did it, the effort put in was effectively wasted.

The two photos below are taken at the same location before and then after the work.

This is site 3 before work with the cuttings on the ground from someone's trimming probbaly no mokre than a week or two ago.

Site 3 after the track has been cleared

Map of the work

Collins Bonnet Track Work March 15 Main ViewLabeled

More photos can be viewed by clicking the image below.

Collins Bonnet March 2015

Inglewood Gorse – Removing a Dominator

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Greg, John, Kevin and Sue

We have been removing Gorse beside the Inglewood fire break easements for 8  years.  Gorse is a dreadful prickly weed that completely dominates the ground once it gets established and we hate it.  In the areas where it has been removed the native vegetation has staged a comeback.
A thick patch was cleared this month and whist some of bushes were large an equal number were small and spindly and they consume a lot of effort without the pleasure of seeing the big change that the removing the monsters gives.
One of our tasks on the next visit to the area will be a follow up at some of the early sites, just to keep on top of the Gorse menace.

Before and after photos at the Inglewood work site

Inglewood Site  at the start of the work

Site  at the start of the work


Inglewood work site after cxompletion revealing  just a few slender native plants that have manged to survive the Gorse domination.

Site after completion revealing  just a few slender native plants

that have managed to survive the Gorse domination.