5 August 2014

The work was divided into two areas. Prior to morning tea break the northern section which has been worked on regularly for 9 years was checked and a lot of quite small Erica plants removed; some of the bigger ones did have a few flowers forming.

Then we moved north, removing some small patches at the roadside on the way. At the site near an old pipe line access way larger bushes were pulled out, but there were also bigger Erica in the bush and these required cutting and herbicide.

The route taken back to the car was via pines that we had either cut down or ringbarked and applied herbicide to during 2012. It was very satisfying to see that most were very much dead and the few that weren’t were in a very sick condition with only a little life left in the bottom branches. A few large Erica plants were also discovered near the creek on the way.

Dead pines in the bush at Tolosa

Dead pines at Tolosa