Kalang Valley Bush Edge

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Work was on removing Erica and a few other weed species was continued from that done in March 2014. The concentration has been on the bush line edge to try to stem the incursions into the bush.
We noticed pink tapes at the boundary of our previous work and have subsequently been told that the HCC is seeking a quote for the cost of removal of the Erica infestation.  This is a positive step and hopefully will lead to the weed being attacked.


Lunch at the bush edge

One noticeable thing was the growth of native species, particularly wattles (possibly Acacia mucronata) in the area where Erica was previously removed. The remnants of litter from the old Erica bushes could be seen amongst the natives.      A couple of photos were taken to use for comparing changes later.

Quite pleasant in the sun within this sheltered valley.


Cleared area to monitor changes


Area to monitor the growth of native plants once the remaining Erica is removed.