Erica in Goat Hills

Tuesday 1 April 2014

The day started with Hannah from GCC explaining some of the health and safety considerations that are to be further discussed with the group.  As we set off to walk up the track the day was already quite warm.   It remained that way and we subsequently learnt that it was the hottest day ever recorded for April (31 degrees with the previous record in 1941); no wonder we felt warm and appreciated the shady spots, especially at lunch time.

As has been the case on each visit, the previously treated areas are checked to remove seedlings and somewhat surprisingly the number of Erica seedlings since our last visit in January 2013 was much more than expected.  Although they were spread throughout the whole area, it was mainly concentrated in 6-7 sites, where the seedling were plentiful.  However they were in volumes that hand pulling was still practical and quite a good number were removed.  The worst areas were those in full sun whilst some formerly heavily infested spots that are now being shaded were not so badly effected.

An area of mature Erica bushes at the top of the site was also worked on.

The area was first worked on in 2003.

Small seedlings of Erica typical of several locations in the area

Typical sight of seedlings still popping up after many previous visits have cleared the area.