Erica at the edge of Wellington Park – Kalang Site

Tuesday 4 March 2014

The aim in this particular area is to bring back the Erica line to the outside of the bush.  Beyond that is an extensive area of thick Erica, which has a stranglehold on the formerly cleared part of the land.

Although good progress was made, there is still  some more of the weed to remove before the objective will be met.

It is hoped that the Hobart City council is not too long getting on to managing the infestation.  They after all do own the land and it is a blot on the HCC that it is in such a dreadful state.

We enjoyed the morning tea provided by HCC and as there was only a small number of volunteers we had more than ample food. We were able to enjoy this in the shade of the trees and although it was  quite a hot day a fair bit of the work was under dappled shade.

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Kalang March 2014


Large Erica infestation on Hobart Council owned land. Badly in need of spraying.

This is the large area of Erica out in the old cleared area.  It is growing in Hobart City council owned land.