Thark Ridge January 2014


14 January 2014

Four activities were carried out on this warm day.  Overgrowing vegetation was trimmed both before and after the second stage reroute section, rocks were used to harden a wet area immediately west of the same section, markers were placed on the remaining unmarked poles leading to the Thark saddle and an investigation was done to see if it was viable to reroute the track at the final wet area.

It was found, as suspected, that a reroute would cross hard ground.  The work would be relatively easy, with several parts going over already fairly clear terrain.  The suggested reroute is 80 metres long.  It cuts out a 60 metre boggy section and the join is 40 metres up track from the existing bend.  In fact the rerouted track would be 40 metres shorter than the existing one.

The section for reroute is quite wet and boggy for extended parts of the year, although at the date checked it was about as good as it gets.

More vegetation clearing is needed and one small section has a furrow that will need rocks to assist in halting the decline of the track.



Adrian and Greg at the track where they have been clearing the vegetation.

Adrian and Greg at the section of track that was cleared.

Greg at rock work section

Greg at the section that was hardened

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Thark January 2014

Gorse Removal at Inglewood

Tuesday 7 Jan 2014

We continued on from Sept 2013 work of removing Gorse along the edge of the firetrail. The area had a group of large bushes a little further into the bush and substantial progress was made with there. The area close to the edge unfortunately had many thin trunked bushes surrounding some larger ones and this made work quite tedious; nevertheless very pleasing results were achieved.

A small band of similar composition still remains before a area of large bushes is reached. It may be feasible to cut off the tops of this band and have the HCC spray them at a later date after reshooting.

Morning tea break at Inglewood site

Morning tea at Inglewood

A photo album is online – click image below

Inglewood Jan 2014

There is also a side by side before and after photo on line