Woody weed removal Tolosa and Montrose

Tuesday  3 December 2013

Before we headed off into the bush to the Tolosa worksites, a convoy of vehicles with flashing lights could be seen heading up the road.  It transpired that the fire service was about to carry out a management burn.  The senior fire officers thought we would be OK at the work sites and we headed off, however the GCC staff were concerned about potential fire escapes and the work was transferred to a Montrose site.
Before the call to move was received we located a number of small Erica plants in locations previously thought to be completely clear.  A couple of other sites also had new seedlings.   It may be the wet spring encouraged the seedling to sprout.  Anyway a number were able to be removed plus a 3 metre high pine, which had either escaped attention previously or had grown up over the last 2 years.
At the Montrose site we were joined by Michael Easton for morning tea.  It was farewell visit from Michael prior to his departure from the Wellington Park Management Trust.
Boneseed removal was the task at this lower Montrose site and quite a number of plants of both large and seedling size were removed.
At both the Tolosa and Montrose sites there is plenty of work still to do to bring the weeds under better control.