Thark Ridge

10 September 2013

The two ends of the reroute were cut and poles with markers installed.  Slash cut from the new track was placed over the old track, so walkers will now be directed on to the new section.   It runs for 370 metres and avoids a very boggy section of track.

Some rock work was done to harden a few sections of the reroute and also rock was placed in the existing track where it joins to the southern new southern section.


Thark Ridge September 2013


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Inglewood Gorse

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Further Gorse was removed along the edge of the fire trail.  This is the 3rd day spent on the southern side of the Inglewood fire break.  Progress on this occasion was mixed with a section of large bushes quickly dealt with, but also a section with many thinner bushes making for slow work.  However the result for the day was very pleasing.

A check was also made on the opposite side where it was noted that a number of natives were now growing and very little Gorse seedlings were seen.   This  was a  very satisfying sight.