Erica Removal and Follow Up Mount Hull Site

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Work was scheduled in the Mount Hull area last December, but the weather caused it to be cancelled; this time it was a delightfully sunny day.   Our first task was to reinstall the Wellington Park entrance sign at the boundary, once we located the original location holes.
Above that point on the Hull Fire Trail we removed new Erica plants and at the junction with the East West Fire Trail where we noticed that a lot of quite sizeable plants had grown since we last cleared the spot in 2009.    Once that was complete the plants at the water holies were tackled again most of these had grown up since the last working there. 

Removing Erica at dam 2 north of junction Adrain

Access was gained at the edge of the water hole

There was one exception to the new plants and that was on the side of the northern waterhole where we knew Erica was growing, but couldn’t tackle it because of the risk of falling down the bank into the water.  Even on a visit last December they were out of reach, but now the water was so low it was just a matter of walking around the edge of the waterhole and cutting them out from below.  It certainly had been a dry season.
With the work finished we went for a walk to a little rocky outcrop and were greatly surprised to find what looked distinctly like a King Billy Pine seedling growing in a rocky hollow; perhaps it came from a bird.  Have a look at the photo.below.

King Billy seedling at geoccahe site


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