Erica Removal Kalang Site

Tue 5 Mar 2013

This is the first time we have worked in this area and it is in the unusual position of being land owned by Hobart City Council  but in the Glenorchy City Council  land management zone.  It  comprises an area of intense Erica, but outlying spots need attention in order to contain the spread, especially as park boundary is quite close.  The heavily infested zone will be tackled by the HCC in due course, but the aim of the work is to halt the spread of Erica into Wellington Park.

We worked on the somewhat open, but in places shrubby, north facing slope.  When the Erica was inspected in November 2012 it was fairly healthy, but much of it looked fairly stressed, particularly the small plants.  Many of these small ones were left to see what happens with them   All the bigger plants on the slope were removed and then we cut out several patches of old Erica growing under the tree cover nearby slope further to the north.  Those furthest into the woodland were removed and a line was cleared down towards the main infestation.    More fringe work remains to be done in the area.