Trestle Mountain Track Maintenance

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Parks took us to the work site via the Montrose  and East west fire trails, so that the area could be inspected; which was a scenic route for us and demonstrated the ability of 4wd vehicles.  We cleared the vegetation overgrowing the track, especially where it blocked the line of sight to marker poles.  A short section of sloping path had steps added and at the to a short reroute was established.

IMG_7483 Lunch time Mike Bowden, Peter Cusick and Barry Smith

Mike in foreground with Peter and Barry from PWS behind.

IMG_7484 Lunch time Peter Cusick and Greg Bell

Peter and Greg


Upper Tolosa Erica removal

Tuesday 2 October 2012

The area on the bottom side of the water pipeline track had a large volume of mostly mature Erica. Not many small plants were noticed.  All the plants in this area were removed.  Small plants are growing on the water track and some, but not all, were pulled out.

Erica is growing in amongst native bushes between the water track and the road and most will probably need cut and paint methods the remove in order to avoid damaging the natives.

The Erica further north in the site, where we got to in June, was not tackled due to lack of time, nor were able to check the hillside above the road.

Photo from Mike

Morning tea with michael Easton   Photo from Mike Bowden
During morning tea Michael Easton met with us and discussed issues stemming from the changes to the park management plan.


We also met  Justin Hawkins from Regnans who is continuing Erica control along the Fire trails and was doing some follow up in the lower (northern end) of the Tolosa just beyond where we work.  Peter went to show Justin the boundary of the area we work and the threatened Epacris there, which was in flower.
We also noted that Steeds Weeds  (assumed to be Harry) was spraying the huge patch of Erica further up over the road beyond our site.


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