Collins Cap Track Maintenance

Tuesday 25 September 2012

A ride up to the junction with the Glen Dhu track made for a lot less effort than walking to the work site.  The overgrowing Bauera and other bushes was cleared off the track just below the Collins Cap Fire trail, whilst Andy from PWS brush cut the section above .  Once the lower section was done we then cut back the even thicker bush almost blocking off the track higher up the mountain.

Below fire trail before cutting Site B  with Ted and greg

Ted and Greg working on vegetation overgrowth Collins Cap track

and below the same bit of track after they had finished.


Below fire trail after cutting Site B


Goat Hills

Tuesday 7 September

All the work was completed that had been left from the June  2012 working  bee.  A new patch of substantial sized plants was discovered at the top of the site which has established since the area was burnt. This will be the priority for the next session.

One known spot was also checked and the Erica there is within quite thick native vegetation.  It will be a slow process to remove it and even with hand work some of the native vegetation will be effected.  Quite a proportion is probably  Goodenia ovata.