Tolosa Pines

Thursday 14th June 2012

Although predictions for the weather were reasonable light showers became common soon after mid morning and we had to eventually finish earlier than expected. 
In the Humphrey Rivulet area of the site we managed to cut down quite a number of the smaller pines and ringbarked fully the larger ones well into the cambium layer. Herbicide was applied to the latter.

We also cut down about 15 smaller pines that were growing above the Tolosa road and notes some still remained further along and up the slope.  These pines are almost more a worry than those near the Humphrey Rivulet as they indicate an upward spread, however all were small and easy to remove.

Quite a number of pines remain in both areas  and further trips will be required.


Below is an earth map of the site with the areas worked circled in red.

Upper Tolsa  Pines


Erica Removal in Goat Hills

Chapel Site

Tuesday 5 June 2012

On a chill and drizzly looking morning we found that it was not quite so discouraging once we reached the Montrose gate to the park.  The bush at the site kept the cool breeze at bay and in fact we warmed up quickly once working.  The previously weeded central areas  had very few new plants so we soon moved on to the older sites.   These had been last cleared back in 2004 and 2006 and had quite moderate sized bushes now.   Parts had been checked and plants removed in early 2010, but still had largish bushes even since that date.   Not many of the Erica seemed to have yet flowered. Fortunately the earth was soft enough to allow  at least 90% to be pulled out, so herbicide use was minimal.  Some 70% of the older area plants were removed along the northern sector of the site.