Thark Ridge Reroute

Thursday 12 April 2012

The final 160 metres of track reroute was completed, so it now runs from the road through to where the old track is reasonable hard. The wet area is now avoided and three signs have been placed near the start of pads indicating closure for rehabilitation.  A new sign has been placed just in from the track start indicating a track through to Mount Montagu.  A warning sign has also ben installed to advise caution due to unpredictable weather changes. Also in some poles and markers were put in on the early part of the track.

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Thark Reroute Stage 1


Woody Weeds at Tolosa Sites

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Tolosa Site

This, the site of threatened Epacris virgata, was given a part check with a more rigorous scan of the lower section that originally had dense Erica that was sprayed.   Again, like last time, a number of small plants were located and removed.

It was noted that in the area immediately to the north where the pines had been removed had a large number of sizeable Erica that the Glenorchy Council  was planning to spray needed treatment as the plants were large enough to soon be in flower.

Upper Tolosa Site

This area was checked over for the first time by the group. There was a number of mostly old Erica and generally as single plants per location.  In addition a number of 2-4 metre high pines were spotted and cut down.  Some larger pines were seen and will be treated at a later date as we did not have appropriate tools on this day.

The pine goes down cut by Dave with fall direction directed by Christine

A single site with moderately thick Erica was reached and partly cleared towards the end of our work.  This will be completed on next visit.

A number of Erica were noted in the bush on the top side of the Tolosa Trail (W10) and pose a threat to the park and will be included in our future work.

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