Inglewood Gorse Seedling Follow Up

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Not ideal weather, but sufficiently suitable to do the follow up on the old Gorse sites previously part of the May 2011 session.   The primary work was done in 2007.

Initially we started on the Envirofund site, but as there were lots of reshooting low bushy plants  plus seedlings, it was decided that it would be better value for our time to work on the sites that we previously cleared.  This follow up work started from our May 2011 finish spot and worked down towards the Envirofund site.  Quite a number of small seedlings were located and removed.  The seedling spread was concentrated in some locations whilst other areas only had a low number.

The Envirofund site was one that had been agreed the HCC would arrange for follow up spraying and this looks like it needs doing as soon as conditions allow.