Epacris Protection Follow Up – Goat Hills

Thursday 13 October

We walked up the Chapel fire trail from the end of Chapel Street, which at times was quite steep.   Some boneseed was removed during the ascent.  One old Erica site was checked and a few plants discovered.  At the Epacris acuminata site we located several Erica and removed all found.  They were at several scattered spots and mostly an isolated  two or three plants, some of reasonable size and flowering.  In two patches about 15-20 plants of varying age was found.

The Epacris is in two main spots either side of Chapel trail.  The western side  looked very healthy and was quite dominant.  On the eastern side the bushes were in general smaller as the area had been burnt more recently than the other; however again the plants were vigorous and now quite thick and plentiful.


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Goat Hills Epacris 2011

Goat Hills Erica Follow Up

4 October 2011

We continued in the area last worked on in August  2011 and initially rescanned the previously cleared areas to remove new plants, plus a few larger that had escaped attention.  That took almost an hour then the areas of older regrowth were tacked.  Good progress was made and the soil was still nicely soft enough to allow all but the larger bushes to be pulled out buy hand. The area will again be tackled in the near future.

Morning Tea Goat Hills

Morning Tea -  Greg, Ted and Adrain

Morning Tea -  Jean and John


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