Erica Follow Up in Goat Hills

Tuesday 2 August 2011

This was a follow up on the area that has been regularly worked on you several years since 2003, the last occasion being April 2011.  We worked in an outward expanding circle from the usual central spot and found a number of seedlings, but each visit there are less and less being found.    This meant the area was able to be expanded into patches further out that had concentrations of Erica.  Good progress was made in these latter spots, but work still remains to be done.

We checked out other Goat Hills locations during our return to the cars, including an old cleared area with a thick cover of Erica.

The photos below are not from our work area, but from nearby location that was once cleared and may have been the site of a dwelling.

There are several piles of rocks similar to this one at the perimeter of the cleared area.


The Erica growing in the cleared area.IMG_5487 Erica At Site