Tolosa Area Search and Destroy

Thursday 16 June 2011

Initially pines in the Humphrey Rivulet and banks were either cut down if small enough and larger ones cut to the camber.  All had herbicide applied.  Some trees higher on the bank had already been killed or were dying following treatment probably by a contractor to GCC. We located trees previously treated in Feb 2011 and noted success. Some patches of Erica were also located and noted for later work.

After morning tea we decided not to continue down creek, but to head up the slope into area 10. Several  patches of pines were located and some 50 treated or cut down.  One patch in particular had a number of youngish trees, although still several years old.  A few Erica were also discovered, including one patch that took some time to remove.  Some largish trees beside the W30 fire trail were left, on the assumption that the GCC would deal with them; however the group could take the action if desired. 

Within the upper part of area  10 we noted quite a reasonable and healthy population of Epacris, including a lot of regrowth in the burnt parts.

The known Erica locations on the Knights Creek track were inspected and a few bushes were found, including some that had flowered.  These areas were originally treated in Oct 2005.  A pine was also noted up here but there was not sufficient time to get to it.


Epacris Protection Tolosa site

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Overnight rain had ceased by the meeting time at Tolosa and this allowed the work to go ahead. 

Surprisingly the ground was quite firm and even the grasses were relatively dry and the seedlings were removed by hand at the northern end, of the Tolosa site where the original Spanish Heath infestation had been sprayed with grant funds in 2007-08.   It was noted that plants within the cleared pine area further to the north appeared to have recently been sprayed as many looked sick.
On completion of the seedling work, stray Erica was tackled along with nearby Radiata pines in and on the banks of Humphrey Rivulet.  There was not sufficient time to treat them all nor check on the results of the pines previously poisoned.