Removal of Rogue Pine

Wednesday 18 May 2011

A rogue pine (Pinus radiata) was reported approximately 150 metres north east of Sphinx Rock. We walked to the location using a GPS reading which was quite accurate and ring barked the tree then applied herbicide to the cut.

Below are photos of the tree before any action was taken.


Looking up to the crown


After ring barking and applying herbicide (unfortunately a bit blurry)




Gorse Follow-up Middle Island and Inglewood Sites

Tuesday 3 May  2011

Areas last worked on a few years ago were revisited to remove juvenile plants and any missed ones. In all three separate spots were worked, with a group of three setting off for the Middle site (last worked 2006) and removed a number of small Gorse plants. The remainder of the party did the top and bottom parts of the Middle site 1 where again it was mostly small Gorse plants needing attention. This was the fourth follow-up for this area since a succession of working bees during 2004 and 2005.

Finally at the Inglewood site we moved to the topmost spot initially cleared during March 2007 and found patches of mostly 5-10 mm juveniles.

The numbers in all the sites varied considerably but generally the plants found were not excessively numerous, although it was apparent that much higher volumes were in the site close to the edge of the fire break that was done as part of an Envirofund grant.

Brewed coffee provided by the Bush Crew at lunch time was most appreciated.


Taking a well deserved lunch with freshly  brewed coffee

A photo album is on the web – click the image below to view it.