Thark Ridge Muddy Areas

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Two area well along Thark were hardened with rock which was easy to find at the sites.   In addition two smaller wet areas were hardened in the same manner as well as a wet spot on the saddle at the track junction.  This latter site is generally quite pondy. At each spot the track was either starting to widen or was at risk of becoming so.

Areas marked in blue are the sites hardened.


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Before and After  (click image for larger size)

Before site AAfter site A


Goat Hills – Erica Follow Up and Removal

Tuesday 5 April 2011

This area was last worked on in December 2010 and a sizeable section cleared at that time.  On return we found that in the intervening 4 months the native vegetation, such as Pultenaea daphnoides had grown considerably, however the Erica seedlings had also grown and a number of plants, that were possibly  seedlings too small to have been spotted, were now 30 centimetres tall.  In what had been, as far as we could tell, an area free of fairly of weeds now had quite a number of plants. 

The area was again cleared and we also had t9ime to move on to an area closer to the Chapel Fire Trail that had last been actioned in Feb 2010.    The seedlings here were very lush and healthy, but fortunately were easily pulled out.  However a large number remain.