Inglewood Gorse

Tuesday 15 March 2011

The original date set for this working bee was 1 March, but rain and poor conditions forced the postponement until 15 March.  Normally we work with the Hobart City Council Bush Crew once every two months, so May would have been the next one, but one inducement for the rescheduling was the annual morning tea provided by the HCC.   Our order for pastries dutifully arrived and was set down on a picnic rug, but next came out a gas stove and a coffee plunger as we were treated by the Bush Crew to a very pleasant morning tea as we sat around the rug on a sunny and mild autumn day.                   
IMG_5205 Morning Tea from HCC

Enjoying morning tea

As for the work, well we certainly did enough to deserve the morning tea.  Over the last four years we gave gradually worked our way down some 500 metres  long at an average depth of 25 metres  and are getting very close to the bottom of the line of very thick and tall old Gorse bushes. 

IMG_5208 Before AIMG_5214 After A

Site Before (above) and After (below)

The work has not been all ours because we managed to secure two grants which cleared some 130 metres of the site.  This days work was a section of 30  metres     The Bush Crew also had a truck and some of our effort went into filling it up with the bushes as cut.  Even so there still large piles of Gorse that had to be left stacked within the site left behind from the two truckloads removed.
This report has so far been about all the good things that happened, but to balance that out, an inspection of where we had worked just 5 and 6 months ago respectively revealed that the season had been very conducive to Gorse seedlings, like never before.  Clearly we have much work ahead of us dealing with this recruitment and planning for this task is underway.

Photos from the day are also on the Wellington photo album site, click the image below.



Gorse being trucked away