Thark Track

Wednesday 16 Feb 2011

Vegetation was cleared on the last 250 metres or so of the Thark Ridge track where it joins the old fire trail leading to Mt Montagu. This is some 2 hours walk from Big Bend.

Vegetation clearance at Montagu end of track. Additional vegetation was cleared back at various spots between there and where the track drops off the Thark Ridge proper.

The latter part of the track is through thick vegetation and as such it is obvious where it goes. Previously marker poles were installed but there was not sufficient to mark the last section fully. Although it is not vital, about another 20 marker poles would complete the job at that end. There are also 2-3 spots on Thark itself where an additional pole would be improve navigation.

Two sections at the southern end of Thark that are wet and would be best to be hardened with rock. There is sufficient suitable rock in the area.


Before and after photos

IMG_4930 BeforeIMG_4931 After


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Tolosa Follow Up

Tuesday 1 Feb 11

Epacris Protection – We met Anne McConnell for the first hour and she explained about the historical tracks project and gained opinions from members. From there we moved to the work site and did follow up work on the Erica. In the old long worked section (from 2005) there were just a few Erica plus a couple of pines seedlings In the Enviro Fund site (sprayed 2008) the seedling were more prolific and quite a number of seedlings too small to easily be spotted remain; however there were hardly any of the sprayed bushes reshooting. As far as I am aware these bushes were sprayed only once which testifies to the work done and the spray used. It also brings into question the findings of the Erica study done in Goat hills for Transend.

Some clearing of seedlings was done on the top side of the road in compartment 13 and a number of erica cleared in the southern end.  Erica was much thicker to the north and would need spraying.

Two pines near the Humphrey Rivulet were ring barked and herbicide applied and we will check on the effectiveness and if successful continue to do the same to others in the area. Those that were treated by Tasflora in 2008 looked to be completely dead.