McRobies Weed Follow Up

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Erica seedlings were cleared from the top of the McRobies site and Broom seedlings removed from an outlying site plus some on the outer parts of the main Broom infestation site.

The Erica was originally cleared in  2006 and 2007  last follow up 3/2009  and somewhere in the vicinity of 100 new seedlings were located and removed.   And the outlying Broom which was cleared by the group in 2007 was found to have numerous seedlings which were removed by hand. The main area, cut and painted by contractors in 2007, had some removal work done in isolated pockets at the boundaries.    The main infestation area now has seedlings of sufficient size to warrant the follow-up spraying.

Rain had fallen overnight but conditions were sufficiently suitable for working by start time, however rain did recommence just prior to lunch, so we finished up a bit earlier than usual.   The wet soil in the gully also meant that a unfortunately few people received leech bites.