Erica Removal Goat Hills

At Chapel site on Tuesday 7 Dec 10

As has been the case with most of the working bees in this area, we started at flat area close to the boundary of the Erica infestation and worked out in a circle from there. In general most of the plants found were between 5 and 25 mm in height, although a small percentage was greater and some of these had flowered in the previous months. Work was last done here in February 2010 and we were able to remove all new plants within a radius of 60 metres; an area of some 6000 sq. metres.

We did have an additional hazard in the form of numerous Jack Jumpers and three of us were bitten; fortunately none had very significant reactions. In a moment of carelessness I knelt on a nest of them but thankfully my trousers took the brunt of the attack that resulted.

Goat Hills site Dec 10