Above New Town Falls

Tuesday 22 June 2010

At the end of May I checked out the creek above New Town falls where Erica was discovered and removed in June 2006.  Many new plants had grown there in the intervening years and all looked very healthy and a various heights, but it looked like not many had flowered as yet.  Many of these were removed at the time. 

A second trip was made on 22 June  and the remaining Erica above New Town Falls was removed, mostly by hand pulling.  A single oldish bush was discovered in the upper part of the creek that was previously no known of as checks had never got that far up before.  The full extent of the creek as far as Hunters Track has now been carried out.

Two old hut sites were visited on return.

A photo album is online.

WPBG Working BeesWPBG Working Bees


Tolosa Epacris Protection

Tuesday 1 June 2010

Surprisingly quite a number of either seedlings or resprouted Erica were found in a number of previously worked on patches that had been checked in Feb 2009 but were now present.  It was felt that the good rains since then had contributed. A final patch of thick Erica  was also cleared.  Some Erica and three willows were cleared from the Humphrey Rivulet.  More Erica was found in the early part of the old Knights Creek track above the rivulet and this will be tackled at a later date; again this is an area that had previously been cleared.

On the top side of Tolosa Fire Trail in are 13 quite a number of Erica had grown since it had been burnt. Some were removed but more remain.

Isolated pines  of various sizes were located within this work area (12) and also some in area 10  over the rivulet.  They will be dealt with at a future date.  Pampas Grass is also present in a couple of spots in the rivulet.

Morning tea break – photo from Mike Bowden

Tolosa Working Bee 1 June 2010 005


Lunch break IMG_3640