Woody Weed Follow Up Main Fire Trail

Old Farm Site

Tuesday 4 May 2010

The work for the day was split between follow up on Gorse and Erica on the top side of the Main Fire Trail north of Old Farm Rd.  This is the area that was initially part of an Envirofund grant and was lasted checked by the group in 2008.  A few isolated patches of Gorse seedling were found and some bands of Erica seedlings that missed out on the recent spray programme.  Nota great many Erica plants were found within the Envirofund area.

Following morning tea a thick, old patch of gorse was tackled on the lower side closer to Old Farm Rd.  Parts of this area were used from time to time in the past by the HCC to send school groups volunteering to help with environmental weeding.   Many large bushes were located and many still remain.