Erica Follow Up North West Bay River

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Erica at the one known site was tackled and all new plants removed.  The new bushes were in a very healthy state and many had grown quite significantly in the 4 years since we last worked there (April 2006).  Even the largest plants did not show signs of having seeded, but flowers looked to be developing for this coming season.  The site was originally cleared in March 2004 and the 2006 follow up revealed only small seedlings.  The gap of 4 years is just a bit too long and the area will be checked for new seedlings within 2 years next time.

IMG_3470 Grown since 2004

IMG_3471 Erica seedlings

New Spanish Heath plants grown since 2006


Only a single Blackberry seedling was found in the areas worked in 2004 and 2006  A few plants were located up river.  A check was made down river to the car park on Betts Rd and no woody weeds were located.