Woody weeds Follow Up New Town, Breakneck and Pottery Sites

Tuesday 2 Mar 2010

Three sites were checked as a follow up to weeding work in the past. In each area there was no proliferation of seedlings or reshooting plants, native vegetation was recovering well and taking strong hold. This was a very pleasing result and indicating success.

The day also featured morning tea muffins provided by the Hobart City Council and a film crew doing a video on Bushcare.

Breakneck Site

This is the site where we first tackled weeds on this side of the mountain. It was quite thick with Erica at the time (2002) but now has very little in the way of seedlings emerging. All those there were removed including a couple that had reached a 40-50 cm. The work was quite quick, although the HCC had a crew filming our work and talking to some members, which meant that a bit of extra time was taken up.

New Town Site

In the sunnier parts of this area, near the power lines, a number of small seedlings were removed plus a few older Erica in a location previously not checked. In the shadier spots with overhead cover very few Erica were found a no Gorse seedlings at all.

Pottery Site

Removed all that could be found. A number of Erica were located and removed, but the numbers were quite low and the group did not need much time to remove them.


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