Goat Hills – Chapel site

Tuesday 2 February 2010   Chapel Site 1

On this occasion we worked on an area of quite thick Erica not far into the bush above the W8 Chapel FT. An inspection of the area further south also revealed a significant number of plants that have established and grown following the wet months of 2009. Considerable numbers of seedlings had also grown in the areas to the west, although the situation on the top of hill that had been subject to work in 2008 and 2009 not only showed very few new Erica seedlings but did now have a large number of natives becoming well established.

The plants furthest to the south were removed as was the larger ones closer to the centre of the infested area. However several more working bees will be required. Some spraying may be appropriate for selected spots. An inspection of a nearby area with similar Erica problems will be carried out. This will allow a comparison between two side by side areas where management burning has been carried out in one and not the other. Initial comparison suggests that the weed problem is worse in the burnt area.

Area of Chapel site showing thick Erica and location of sparser seedlings

Chapel Erica Feb 10