Gorse Removal Inglewood Site

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Old Gorse was tackled from the end of previous work downhill.  A large thick patch with much tangled growth and ferns was cleared.  Fortunately the predicted morning rain was well over before work commenced, but the conditions were quite warm. 

IMG_5563 Before but part done

A check of earlier work by both the Wellington Park Bushcare Group and as part of Envirofund projects was done.  It was noticeable that the Bushcare group work had a better success rate than the Envirofund work; virtually no reshooting plants were seen in the former work areas whilst quite a number existed in the Envirofund areas.   Seedlings were present in all sites, some thicker than others and it may be appropriate for Wellington Park Bushcare Group  to tackle the more isolated seedlings and mark the thicker locations for HCC follow up spaying.

Photos are online


Thark Ridge

Friday 8 January 2010

The remainder of the markers were installed, although there was insufficient of them for six poles.  Short sections of overgrowing vegetation was cleared at various locations, including thick Bauera at the end towards Montagu.

Despite the track being quite dry, there were still muddy sections  and we checked the viability of rerouting two of them on the eastern edge of Thark.  These were at grid (AGD66) 169507   and 171508  and rerouting seemed to be an option to moving rocks to harden the boggy bits (see map).

One of the sections of thick bauera and other scrub cut through to enable easier passage.


More photos are available on the web