Trestle Mt Track Maintenance

Tuesday 29 December

Part way up the current track to Trestle Mt there is a short section that is causing some confusion, due to overgrowing vegetation and a consequent second pad developing.   The vegetation was cleared, including several bushes and trees reshooting from previously cut bases.  The slash was put on the short cut pad, marker poles realigned and steps cut in on a short steep section to make it more stable.

On the way from the car the Elishas tears worksite was checked and 3 plants removed , two were a reasonable size whilst one was small and growing on a bank.

On the Myrtle Forest track two limbs/trunks over the track were sawn through and moved aside.

Some before and after photos are below

Vegetation obscuring the track  view looking west


IMG_5467 Upper before West


IMG_5470 Upper after west

Vegetation blocking view of track looking east


IMG_5469 Upper before East


IMG_5471 Upper after east

The photo below is of the steep short cut resulting from the actual track above being obscured.  This has now been covered with slash.

IMG_5466 Short cut steep


Broom Follow Up Trestle site Mountain River track

1 December 2009

Half the party walked to the Trestle site to follow up on Broom seedlings.  The area was lasted checked in April 2008  and as expected there were a number of new plants found, together with a few older ones that had escaped observation previously.   All were removed and the site can be left for a couple of years before checking again. Both at morning tea and lunch I sat in front of some bushes, but failed to notice a Broom  growing up through them, which demonstrates the degree of vigilance needed to `weed out every one of these invaders.  Work commenced there in Feb 2004 and in all there have been 6 working bees and  I think the group can take pleasure in seeing the current state of this site. 

The other half of the group cleared Blackberry growing close to the park boundary near the Mountain River  entrance. Those found within the park were cleared although patches remain close by in private land.

During the walk along the Mountain River track two trees have fallen over the track, however one smaller one, which probably had fallen earlier than the large ones, had been sawn through to allow passage.  There were no particular signs of vehicles , however we did notice a plastic food container had been thrown on the ground at one of the cleared spots beside the track (we did bring it out).


Broom at the Trestle Site   Feb 2005

IMG_0993 Thick Broom - Before

Pile of cleared Broom April 2005

IMG_1271 Pile of cleared Broom

Disintegrating pile Dec 2009

IMG_5451 Old Broom Branches


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