Thark Ridge Track Maintenance

Saturday 21 Nov 09

Track Maintenance – The remaining poles were installed and work commenced on clearing back the track. More markers were screwed onto poles.

The remaining poles were installed on the track at the Montagu end of the track and work commenced on clearing back some of the dense vegetation growing over the track in this area. Markers were screwed onto poles from the end of Thark Ridge and on down the plain towards the end of the track, although some remain to be done as the supply of screws ran out.

A large branch that had previously caused a heavy knock on the head was removed.

Thickish mist drifted in during the walk back to the cars and it was noticeable that markers were quite visible in the conditions.

A further working bee will be held to attach the remainder of the markers and clear more of the track, probably in January.

Photos from the day can be viewed on the web

A cleared patch of track with a marker pole

IMG_5440 After clearing and marker

Although quite misty the marker can be seen in the distance

IMG_5444 Marker in mist


Gorse Follow Up Middle Fire Trail

Tuesday 3 Nov 09

Quite heavy rain was falling at 7:30 in the morning prompting the cancellation of the working bee. However Mike and I drove to the meeting point to check if anyone turned up. Three people were there and we all went to the HCC mountain depot as I had arranged to collect jackets for members. By the time this was done the weather had improved considerably and we decided to go back and remove seedlings from the site.


A check on the areas along the side of Inglewood FT revealed a considerable number of seedlings and some regrowth on stumps from the Envirofund site. A closer inspection will be needed to assess the site.


Work on the Middle Island site was originally started in Sep 2004 with the upper section being cleared and the lower side progressively cleared of Gorse during 2005.


Although there had been little sign of seedlings on the top side previously, a large number of mostly very small seedlings was present and we removed them as best we could. Follow up in the not too distant future will be essential and will be scheduled.


The lower side was surprisingly less dense although several patches thick with seedlings were found and again the biggest removed. Numerous remain but look to be readily controllable by hand removal.


It was noted that Spanish Heath was growing vigorously on both the Inglewood and Middle Island Fire Trails. It is hoped that spraying action can take placer there soon.


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