Erica Removal Goat Hills

Friday 18 September 2009

Further work was carried out on the Erica discovered on the last working bee at this site in early September.  Unfortunately further patches were located often in difficult to access spots due to thick surrounding vegetation.  As a result further work will be needed to clear the site, including a dense patch of low growing plants that spraying may be the best answer.

A dense patch of Spanish Heath that had been sprayed last Autumn was given a follow up spray plus an adjoining patch was given an initial spray of herbicide (Brush off).  It will be interesting to monitor these to establish the effectiveness of the herbicide.


Thark Ridge Pole Installation

Friday 11 Sep 09

In very nice conditions, although a touch windy, we carried all the spare marker poles to the southern end of Thark Ridge and installed them.  The temporarily arranged  poles just north of high point of the ridge back down to the saddle were also fixed.   A small cache of 7 poles remain and will be used to fill the gaps just prior to the junction with old Montagu Fire Trail.   This work will be done when the coloured markers are installed on the poles in October.

Photos 1,3 & 4 from Peter Cusick

Erica Removal Goats Hills

Tuesday 1 Sep 09

On the day and evening before the working bee considerable rain fell and this may have discouraged attendance, however fine and sunny conditions prevailed.

A check of two locations last worked on in April revealed very few new plants, however a new site further to the west was discovered with both mature and seedling plants. As there was only three at the working bee, there was insufficient time to remove all plants. The Erica in this new area is confined to a distinct patch and is somewhat isolated from other outbreaks. The soil was quite wet and all but large bushes could be easily pulled out. It was decided to run an extra working bee to the site to take advantage of easy removal.

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