Thark Ridge June 2009

All the poles on Thark Ridge that had been installed had markers attached. This leaves a section between the main Thark saddle and the high point to have poles put in plus a section at the southern end of Thark where the stock of poles ran out.

Two sections remain to have poles installed and markers attached. At the northern end between the high point and main saddle approximately 6-8 poles plus a similar number temporarily propped up on the track need installing (aprox 200 metres). At the southern end of Thark additional poles were carried to a cache for future work (aprox 300 metres).

The conditions at the summit of Mt Wellington were snowier than anticipated and the walk in was generally on hard snow, however by the time we returned there had been enough melt to make it quite wet and slushy underfoot. Whilst on Thark we were surprised to come across a group from Drysdale Polytechnic out overnight on a guiding course.

It is planned to carry more poles to the southern cache plus do some vegetation trimming work in September and install and mark the additional poles in October.

Value of work (as per Aust Gov) $1530

IMG_5342 Marker visibilty

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