Erica Follow-up Goat Hills

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Continued with follow-up removal of small Erica mostly near old cut and painted bushes and several sites were completely cleared.  More sites still remain with small plants and it is expected that further new seedlings will arise as well.
The sprayed site was checked over and some mixed results noted.  The spray used was Brush-Off and applied in Nov – Dec 2008.  Some locations looked to have a high strike rate, a few showed plants under some distress and a couple of spots the plants looked quite healthy.  It is possible that the latter were either missed or insufficiently treated.   Follow-up spraying will be carried out in spring 2009.

                     Pulling out the small plants  


                Site where spray was applied Nov-Dec 2008

Before Nov 08     IMG_5035 Ref 2106EW

After   April 2009   IMG_5294 Ref 2106EW