McRobies Woody Weeds

Tuesday 3 Mar 09

McRobies follow-up and woody weed removal

Initially the site previously worked on was checked over and a number of Erica seedling located and removed. The nearby Broom site was also found to have numerous seedlings and those at the edges and in isolated patches were pulled out.

A Broom and two Gorse sites further down the gully were tackled, with almost all being removed. The lowest gorse site could not be finished within the time and will be scheduled for work at a future date.

An isolated small Willow and some saplings were inspected and recorded for eventual removal. A sample from an unknown species of plant was taken for identification.

It was also noted that the previously overgrown old track has been cleared and is being used by mountain bike riders. It is assumed it would come out on the fire trail close to the tip. I walked over this area on 11/3/08 and it was mostly overgrown so all the clearing has taken place since then.  (After mentioning the find to the HCC  I revisited the site with Richard Greenhill and discovered that it heads steeply uphill soon after where we finished working, and would be used by downhill mountainbike riders)

The photos below show the piles of Broom and Gorse (although the Broom photo doesn’t really show the real size of the pile) plus the remaining Gorse to be done.