Epacris Protection at Tolosa

Tuesday 3 Feb 09

A brief check of the sprayed Erica in the Envirofund area revealed a few live plants at the edges. A more thorough follow up will be conducted later when any growth will be more easily seen.

Most of the effort was in clearing the Spanish Heath close to Humphrey Rivulet and north beyond where we last worked. Tall bushes were found in the rivulet and removed , along with some Radiata pines and Elishas Tears. The banks above the rivulet had several modestly thick patches and the majority of this was cleared. The remainder will be done at a future working bee.

A benched foot track was discovered and the remains of what could possibly be a hut or shelter of some kind beside the creek.

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Photos show

Old benched track    old hut /shelter   working on Erica  site 2601BH (before photo  – after photo will be at next working bee)