Old Montagu Fire Trail

Tuesday 27 January 2009

We walked up the Old Montagu fire trail from the adjoining property in Misty Mountain Rd.  The aims were twofold; check for weeds and see what state the track was in.

From park boundary to  the Montagu Thumbs turnoff was checked. No weeds of significance were discovered  although Centaurium was noted on the lower parts of the fire trail.  The track is quite steep in many parts and is actively being cleared of any falling timber as far as Norris hut (see photos below). In the section just before the hut there is very deep erosion of 1 metre in depth.  Clearly vehicles also use the track as far as the hut.  There is no sign of any going above the hut in recent times.  A large tree that had fallen over the track has been chainsawn to allow vehicle access.

An actively used and maintained track, probably mainly used by bikes or small all terrain vehicles was noticed joining to the old Montagu fire trail and leads towards the old Singes Betts track.  Very recent cutting of fallen trees was evident.

We also walked to the Montagu Thumbs and noted that on the ascent on the western side there was erosion over a short length of track.

Vehicle marks on unnamed track

IMG_5170 Unknown track vehicle use

Track cut through bush

IMG_5171 Unknown track cut through

Norris Hut – which according to the log book was constructed in October 1999

IMG_5176 Norris hut

IMG_5175 Norris hut

Considerable sized tree over track sawn through

IMG_5173 Large log sawn through


Thark Ridge

Installing track marker poles Thark Ridge at Wellington Park on Tuesday 20 Jan 09

Poles from two stores were inserted in the ground with the aid of crowbar and post installer along the majority of the length of the southern section of Thark Ridge. Some poles from stores had been put in by passing walkers as a temporary measure over the previous year, and many of these will require proper installation on a future working bee.

Markers will also be placed on the poles at a future working bee and some vegetation will need minor clearing to avoid trampling over a wider area.

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Erica Follow up Breakneck, New Town and Pottery Sites at Wellington Park

Tuesday 13 Jan 09

Three sites were checked as part of a follow up of previous work. The New Town site near the powerlines had a reasonable number of seedlings and all were removed, whilst the Breakneck site which was cleared during 2002 and 2003 had very few plants; a very encouraging sign. Close by at the end of the Pottery access track seedlings and reshooting Erica at the Envirofund sit was cleared along with plants of a substantial size growing on the lower side.

In addition thistles and Elderberry were removed from near the waterhole at the top McRobies lower track.

The day was quite warm but some shade was provided by trees, but conditions were hot by the time we reached the cars on the return.

If you are interested in helping or for more information go to http://wellingtonpbg.googlepages.com/home