Checking on Erica Near Mt Connection

East West Site 2

Wednesday 3 Dec 08

The old Myrtle Forest fire trail was checked and a few plants, mostly large, were located in the upper section. Following this known sites to the east were given a follow-up and new Erica found and removed. The East West fire trail was checked almost as far as the junction with the Mt Connection walking track and the two waterholes closely inspected for Erica, but only a single bush was found and that was close to the Myrtle junction.

Although the day started out fine and clear, it rained just prior to our arrival at Myrtle Forest and several showers fell during the day, although never long lasting. The old Myrtle Forest Fire Trail is overgrowing rapidly and this made for slow progress until reaching the junction of the East West.


Erica Removal Goat Hills

Chapel site 1

Tuesday 2 Dec 08

The numerous small Erica plants growing in the area between Goat and Chapel fire trails were again tackled. One of the problems in the area is the constant seeding of new plants since the 2003/4 burn off. In the spots where the plants were very thick they were sprayed with Brush-Off.

It was also noted that further Eucalypts have been sawn down and removed. In one instance an old stump aprox 1 metre high had been cut at the very base and the section between there and the former slant cut top had gone, with the old top being left behind; the wood appears to have been carried to the fire trail as there does not seem to be any evidence of a vehicle access. Several nearby trees had been recently been cut down very low and removed with just some limbs left plus plenty of fresh sawdust.

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Euphrasia     flower       and leaves

Euphrasia FlowerEuphrasia Leaves