New Town Rivulet

Check New Town Rivulet for Erica and other weeds at Wellington Park on Wednesday 25 June 08

The New Town Rivulet was entered where we ended the previous search (May 2007), near the start of the OHA track, and was searched upstream for approximately 500 metres. Unlike the last occasion, when a single stand of Erica was found, we located quite a number of isolated bushes plus several spots with 5 to 10 bushes. We were able to remove all the bushes that were found.

At the upper limit of the search for the day a very large Pine (appeared almost certainly to be Pinus radiata) was visible from the creek bed. Looking for Erica on the creek banks meant our heads were usually down, but during a break Mike noticed an Eagle fly closely above us and whilst endeavouring to spot it I was stunned to spy a monster pine growing close by. A closer inspection confirmed it to be a pine with needles and cones lying about.

Below are photos of the pine click on any image for a larger photo

Overall the creek is in good condition and is a very attractive place and so far we have fairly easy terrain on the banks to walk. After so very little rain over recent months the water flowing was most noticeably low and in one substantial section there was no water flowing. We arrived at a minute waterfall at the end of our time there and saw water flowing above it but below there was nothing; the water must somehow go under rocks and appear about 200 metres lower down the creek. See photo page

Erica bush in the creek

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