Tuesday 24 Jun 08

Checked through the site beside Tolosa FT that is the area for out Envirofund project and took “after” photos from set photopoints. Almost all Erica plants appeared to be dead. The lower site to be rehabilitated after the removal of pines still had the debris left from the logging.

Some isolated pines were checked and most looked unwell following the application of herbicide and a concentrated pocket of Erica near the creek that had also been sprayed looked to have been successfully treated.

Some Erica still existed near where we finished work in December 2007 needs clearing and a check further north revealed more bushes.

The area beside Knights Creek track where Erica was removed April 2006 was checked and apart only a few isolated bushes were found, expect near Humphries Rivulet where bushes were noted above the creek and on the bank.

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