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19 Mar 08

Checked the Erica above the track and found 11, mostly 15cm or greater, but several quite small plants as well. All were easily pulled out. After the 2001 wildfire a mass of Clovertrees (Goodia) grew but has now all died to reveal another patch of Erica; some 50-60 bushes were located in a small area, but does not seem to have spread further. Some of these bushes were big enough to have seeded and although now all pulled out (even the big ones over 50 cm came out with persuasion) but will need careful watching for the inevitable seedlings.

The first mentioned group were pulled out prior to the fire and since then seedling found and removed in July 2004, and Jan 2006.

Interestingly as far as I could tell all the Goodia lotifolia were dead but from a brief check on available information I was unable to establish if this is common for the species; no references mentioned life span, but one indicated “never let dry out”, so it could be simply the harsh conditions experienced over the last few years. However I do not recall seeing the plant in such profusion pre-fire as post-fire when it was very dominant at this location. were dead but from a brief check on available information I was unable to establish if this is common for the species.

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Noahs and McRobies Area


At Noahs Saddle the blue periwinkle needs eradicating and there were about 15 small Erica bushes, which were pulled out. Below in the gully is a patch of Gorse plus quite a number of Hawthorn spread about in the bush. The total area involved is not that extensive, and beyond there and all the way down to where the gully meets the tip it is free of weeds.


From the bottom of the Noahs/Slides gully I then went into McRobies Gully.

In McRobies above the tip and old bulldozed track leads all the way up to the Broom worksite. A small to moderate patch of Gorse (224515)was found, plus a small patch of Broom (221515), a small group of Willows, two Erica and one unidentified species that looked exotic (see photo 4737).

These weeds were all located close to the track, which was probably instrumental in introducing them.

The large size of the area of cleared Broom was most impressive and the spraying of regenerating seedlings appeared successful. The nearby Erica and Gorse site had a modest number of seedlings.

A follow up working bee should be able to also remove the newly discovered weed sightings lower down the gully.

Main Fire Trail Site 2 near junction with McRobies

A few Erica seedlings were found and all were pulled out.

Gorse Removal Lenah Valley

Wellington Park Bushcare Group

Gorse Removal Lenah Valley Entrance at Wellington Park on Tuesday 4 Mar 08

Continued primary action on the Gorse remaining in the far northern corner of the park boundary was the focus for the work and a considerable amount was removed. The area is just above that which was subject to our previous Envirofund project and now clears the outskirts of most of the Gorse. A small patch still remains closer to the boundary plus a patch higher on the hill.

Some seedling regrowth was noted in the area of the Envirofund work, but this was hardly unexpected.

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Image of site before the work

Area prior to work

Images after work

After Work doneAfter Work doneAfter Work done


The workers


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