Mt Hull Erica Removal

Wellington Park Bushcare Group

Erica Removal Hull Site at Wellington Park on Tuesday 5 Feb 08

Erica at a water hole north of the Mt Hull Fire Trail junction with East West was cleared, but one area comprised many small plants that were tedious to remove by hand. Spraying would have been more efficient, but as we had sufficient numbers it did not overly long to clear.

On completion we moved to the above-mentioned junction to do follow up work on Erica in the bush and beside the trail between the locations. It has been 5 years since first clearing the site and many significantly sized bushes were noticed in the bush. All these were removed, plus most near the fire trail junctions, but some lower on the Mt Hull FT had to be left.

The day was not overly hot, but nevertheless quite warm with a high cloud cover, and we did notice several snakes, including three whip snakes in a group close to the work site.

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Erica waterhole before 1 Before Photo 2Large stump

Waterhole  site after removal 1Waterhole  site after removal 2