Erica Follow-up Main Fire Trail

Wellington Park Bushcare Group

Erica Follow-up Envirofund Site Main Fire Trail at Wellington Park on Tuesday 8 Jan 08

We had a good turnout and did follow up work on our first Envirofund grant site on the Main Fire Trail where Gorse and Erica seedlings and regrowths along the southern boundary of the park were removed. The group was split with some clearing Erica and thistles on the lower side boundary of the fire break.

Thanks to Mike and Blane for organising the work bee tasks on the day.

If you are interested in helping or for more information go to



Thursday 3 January

Checked the success of June 2007 work on Elishas Tears and found that two trunks of one bush with a maze of trunks had been missed and had fresh growth. We cut and removed the offending trunks.

Away from the weeds Dave , Christine and Sue descending Mt Marian

Away from the weeds